SELFIE: Making It About Me


In 2019, I undertook the ambitious task of producing my own one-woman show for the Hollywood Fringe Festival. This multifaceted project encompassed various elements, from script writing and music production to venue negotiation and marketing. The endeavor required a meticulous approach and effective project management to bring my creative vision to life on the stage.

Key Components

1. Music Production

It was my goal to modernize the music of Minnie Riperton while injecting my own artistic tastes and talents like sections for classical singing, jazz arrangements, and virtual instruments.
With the help of a transcriptionist and audio engineer, I was able to focus on the “music making” part of music production that saved hundreds of hours in time, and allowed me to experiment more with form, texture, and arrangement.

2. Projection Mapping

Following the logic of the show title, I was my own band, backing singers, and backup dancers. With the help of a video production team, we recorded three versions of me as singing back-up to each song, then edited each video together to create the intergalactic trio, The Sparkelitas. The final videos were then projected onto a wall behind me during performances to give the appearance that The Sparkelitas were singing and dancing with me on stage.

3. Storytelling

Interweaving the story of Minnie Riperton with my own was the main focus of this show. Using her music to accentuate my own path as a singer and performer, I created unique and engaging vignettes that told a cohesive story.


1. Producing My First Project

Embarking on the journey of producing my first full stage production presented a steep learning curve. Not only was I the project manager, but I did the bulk of the creative work, as well. It was a feat in schedule management, risk management, budgeting and stakeholder engagement.

2. Learning New Skills

Taking on roles such as Qlab programmer, music producer, and script writer required acquiring new skills. The challenge was not only to learn these skills but also to seamlessly integrate them into the overall production while maintaining a high standard of quality.

3. Marketing

Faced with constraints in financial resources and a lack of established connections in Los Angeles, I encountered challenges in executing an effective marketing strategy for my one-woman show. The absence of a dedicated budget for advertising necessitated a resourceful approach. In response to these challenges, I strategically participated in various Hollywood Fringe Festival events, leveraging opportunities to showcase my work and establish connections within the community. Actively engaging in sponsored cabarets and utilizing these platforms to promote my show became a pivotal element of my marketing efforts. Additionally, I maximized my presence by attending numerous shows, creating networking opportunities, and fostering relationships within the local artistic scene.


Despite a modest turnout, the intimate setting allowed for a more personal connection with the audience, creating an immersive experience that resonated with those in attendance. The feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly positive, with glowing reviews praising the dynamic performances and the captivating blend of music, storytelling, and visuals.