Run for America


Run for America was a strategic campaign with Progressive Majority, a political action committee, designed to recruit and support progressive candidates for state and local offices. The initiative aimed to engage a diverse range of individuals, urging them to run for office and contribute to reshaping the American Dream.

As the Online Organizer managing all elements of the Run For America campaign, I played a key role in aligning initiatives with the overarching campaign strategy, and facilitating a seamless integration of online and offline efforts to meet the goals of Run for America.

Key Components

Campaign Concept: The concept for the iconographic artwork of this campaign was based on the idea that we needed to start rebuilding the American Dream for the future generation. If things continued as is, our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and young cousins wouldn’t have the stability to lead fulfilling lives.

Triangle of Change: Run for America combine two other campaigns – The Nation Sings and Grassroots the Film – forming a Triangle of Change. Each campaign complemented the others, contributing to a holistic approach to candidate recruitment.

Recruitment Process: Collaboration with the political department was integral to ensuring that Progressive Majority could effectively handle the influx of new recruits. This involved implementing streamlined online processes for candidate intake and vetting, working in tandem with the political department to enhance the efficiency of Progressive Majority’s established recruitment methods.

Partnerships: More than 20 organizations joined Progressive Majority in its call for more members to its Farm Team – a historic achievement for the PAC.  


Messaging: Crafting a compelling message highlighting the need for a diverse group of leaders to represent the American population while addressing the mistakes of past leaders.

Art Concept Implementation: Ensuring effective utilization of the symbolic artwork across various media channels.

Partnership Integration: Coordinating efforts and ensuring seamless integration between Run for America, The Nation Sings, and Grassroots the Film to maximize impact and achieve shared goals.


Campaign Plan and Success Measures

Goals Achieved: More than 7,000 recruits signed up in its first month which exceeded the target for recruiters. 

Success Metrics: The campaign tracked sign-ups, media coverage, social media engagement, website hits, and YouTube views, reflecting a positive response to Run for America’s messaging.

Email and Outreach Strategies

Email Engagement: The six-week email campaign effectively engaged action-takers, with scheduled updates, and strategic use of social media.

Media Buzz: To create media buzz and inspire potential candidates, I organized impactful video testimonials from prominent leaders such as Cecile Richards and Van Jones. These testimonials, strategically shared through the campaign’s online platforms, not only served to motivate potential candidates but also bolstered PM’s credibility and outreach efforts.

In conclusion, Run for America successfully implemented project management principles to navigate challenges and achieve its goals, showcasing the effectiveness of a holistic approach to progressive candidate recruitment. The campaign’s results demonstrated its impact in building a diverse and passionate Farm Team for Progressive Majority.