RecreAsian Productions Presents: Scream


My role as producer on “RecreAsian Productions Presents: Scream” was a thrilling endeavor that involved recreating the iconic cold open from the first “Scream” movie with an all-Asian cast. The project featured a live weapon (knife), smoke and fire effects, special FX makeup and costume, and special FX props. The entire production was set within a generously donated personal home, adding an additional layer of complexity.


Safety and Security: Managing the use of a live weapon, smoke and fire effects, and special FX props in a personal home setting required a comprehensive safety plan to mitigate potential risks. These were posted in multiple locations on set.

Communication: Regular communication channels were established to address any concerns promptly, both in pre-production and during production. As the producer, I served as a central point for communication, ensuring everyone was informed about changes, updates, and safety protocols. Because of the potential hazards on set, radios were employed to ensure prompt communication.

Set Design: Special attention is paid in every RecreAsian production to include Asian props and set design. Luckily, the home donated to us was full of Asian decor and artifacts. The additional challenge of working inside of a real home included ensuring all belongings were carefully sequestered and stored. Extensive documentation of all areas and surfaces – even those not filmed – were taken to ensure the home was properly cleaned and returned to its original state.


“RecreAsian Productions Presents: Scream” successfully navigated the challenges posed by its unique elements through effective project management, emphasizing safety, clear communication, and meticulous planning in alignment with Project Management Institute principles.