RecreAsian Productions Presents: Crazy, Stupid, Love


RecreAsian Productions, start-up film production company that recreates iconic film scenes with an Asian twist, recognized a gap in the portrayal of Asian men as romantic leads and sex symbols in mainstream cinema so we set our sights on filming the pick-up scene from “Crazy Stupid Love.” This project aimed to challenge stereotypes and promote more diverse and nuanced representations of Asian men as charismatic and alluring.

As the producer, my primary responsibilities involved overseeing the logistical and resource management of the film production. This included coordinating the hiring of key personnel and ensuring the smooth execution of the project from pre-production to post-production. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in facilitating communication between different departments, mitigating challenges, and ultimately ensuring that the creative vision of the film aligned with the practicalities of the production process.

Main Challenge

The one-day shooting schedule presented a challenge that required a detailed planning approach. Three tactics used were to mitigate any potential delays. The first was to over-hire production assistants and other crew so that multiple activities could be completed concurrently. Second, was to coordinate with the cinematography and sound departments to order scenes for faster transitions using minimal equipment. Third was only filming in one corner of the location – the bar of The Sparlkings – to ensure equipment and set dressing remained in one place.


Because of close collaboration with all departments, this was our fastest production on record coming in at 10 hours.