Best of Las Vegas!


The 35th year of Best of Las Vegas stands out as a prime example of effective project management. Tasked with revitalizing the brand through a revamped visual identity, my role encompassed concept development, copy creation, and comprehensive campaign management.


Navigating the dynamic landscape of a 35-year-old institution undergoing a visual transformation posed a unique set of challenges. The key objective was to infuse new life into the Best of Las Vegas brand, and this journey included the adoption of a fresh look and a redesigned logo. My challenge was to seamlessly integrate these changes into a cohesive campaign, culminating in a spectacular 35th Anniversary Awards show.

Strategic Approach

Leveraged the bold new gold exclamation point in the logo as the cornerstone of our strategy. This involved identifying and highlighting iconic Las Vegas elements and popular category features. The objective was to convey the vibrancy of the city through carefully crafted black and white ads, showcasing gold accents. Examples included the glitter-encrusted headdress of a showgirl and a shiny blow dryer styling the hair of a long-haired pooch.


The strategic alignment of the brand’s new visual elements with the essence of Las Vegas resulted in a campaign that not only re-energized the Best of Las Vegas but also garnered attention and excitement. The 35th Anniversary Awards show served as a grand culmination, celebrating the city’s iconic status and the Best of Las Vegas’ enduring legacy.

Key Achievements

  • Successful integration of the redesigned logo into the campaign concept.
  • Development and execution of captivating black and white ads highlighting iconic Las Vegas features.
  • Orchestrated a memorable 35th Anniversary Awards show, solidifying the brand’s renewed vitality.