Where I take a leap, again…

I’ve taken a lot of calculated and safe-ish risks in my life, and now’s the time for another one.

I’m coming back to Vegas, y’all!

My three years here in D.C. have been rewarding and challenging. I hit the ground running and kept running, even despite hard setbacks and some personal tragedies. But I had to make a difficult decision whether to stay at a great job or come back home to support my family. Ultimately, I chose my family.

I’ve been away from Vegas for eight years, on and off, with only occasional visits. And in that time there have been terrible events that rocked my family’s foundation. It’s pained me not to be able to help fix things, because that’s what I’m impelled to do, for better or worse: I must fix things. So now I’m going back to Vegas to share the strength I’ve built up over my risk-taking life and help where I’m needed.

Moving back to Vegas isn’t a step back, either. It’s just another step. I’ve learned a lot in my eight year walkabout – I lived in two countries, learned from some amazing leaders and kept growing. It’s my aim to use what I’ve learned to not only help my family but also to help my hometown.

So much has had to change in desperate times to get Vegas going in a good direction. The revitalization of downtown, the renewed focus on community engagement and maybe, just maybe, a political climate that will put our state on the right track with better priorities (education, community, civil rights, and a diverse economy).

I know, times are still lean and there aren’t a lot of great opportunities out there. But don’t worry too much for me, you know I’ll bounce back, stronger than ever.

But do worry a little. And by a little, I mean keep me in mind for whatever new opportunities you think I’d be good for. I’ll be moving back the first week of September.

What I excel at and would like to be considered for: writing/copwriting, content development, campaigns (advertising, awareness, advocacy, some fundraising), project management.

Areas I’m interested in: new artistic endeavors, the arts, nonprofits, community outreach/engagement, agency work.

Please peruse my portfolio and resume to learn more about what I can offer. Thank you for your consideration.

And at the very least, I’m looking forward to actual good Central and South American food. You guys, I’ve had to get my taco fill at Whole Foods…WHOLE FOODS.

Blogs and kisses,









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