So you want to start a blog series?

So you want to start a blog series?

I’m cuckoo for Coco Puffs. – Aileen Wornos

A trick of the trade in the blogging world is coming up with a good series that readers will wait in anticipation for you to post then share wildly with their friends. But how do you know if your series idea is gonna be good for the long haul?

First of all, not all series have to be life long. They can be short and thematic (that you hopefully remember to link to all parts at the end of each post). Typically these series aim to solve a unique but common problem for their readers. Because they are so useful and informational, they often become very popular and emblematic of that blog.

A series that is constantly updated however can be a little trickier. And that’s what I aim to help you with in three easy steps.

Can you come up with 10 specific posts?

Once you come up with a genius idea for a series, you have to plum its depths. This requires a lot of research and example hoarding (e.g. bookmarking, link listing). Try to find at least 10 substantial ideas for specific posts in the series. If you find yourself struggling, maybe it’s time to hang up the idea or find a new angle. If however you feel that you’ve only scratched the surface, well then go on, you handsome devil!

Can you cover multiple angles? 

All the posts in the series can’t have the same angle. That would be boring. Often, you’ll find patterns to develop a sub-series…a series within a series, if you will. And you know that everyone loves a subplot. Sometimes (1). But anyway, something to break up the large chunk of the topic will usually be a welcome respite.

Is it sustainable?

The way to evaluate if this is a long lasting series is if it’s something that continues to happen. Like horrible advertising (2). Or disastrous fashion choices (3). These things won’t ever stop. But you don’t have to exploit people’s mistakes to find a good series – although those are the most hilarious options. I can’t think of any good-deed type series at the moment, but I’m sure you’ll tell me, my dear smart and charitable readers.

Now that you’ve checked off the list, I strongly recommend writing those 10 posts today or soon while you’re on that fresh idea high.

Go forth and serialize!


1. Example of a boring subplot everyone hates all the time:

2. Copyranter:

3. Go Fug Yourself:


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