Run For America

Run For America

Project manager, content strategy, user pathways, copy 

Run For Americais a large scale online campaign that recruited thousands of progressives to run for state and local office. As the manager of this project, I collaborated with expert consultants and artists to bring the campaign to life and implement an engaging strategy with over a dozen partner organizations. To this date, over 7,000 progressives have signed up.

The campaign included print and online assets including:

  • Run for America microsite
  • How to Recruit / Run for Office email series
  • Trading cards with basics of running for office and QR code to register to Run for America
  • User pathways for potential candidates and candidate recruiters

Creative brief for Run for America:

The concept for the iconographic artwork of this campaign is based on the idea that we need to start rebuilding the American Dream for the future generation. If things continue as they are, our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and young cousins won’t be able to get a good education or find a decent job.

Visualize three children – an 8-year-old Latina, a 14-year-old African-American boy and a 10-year-old Asian American girl all dressed in too big uniforms of a firefighter, nurse, and teacher respectively. They each convey an emotion of either fear or hope. Under the 8-year-old is the word RUN, under the 14-year-old is the word FOR, under the 10-year-old is the word AMERICA.


They are all multicultural and multi-ethnic dressed in loose-fitting “uniforms” of different professions because we want our America to be represented by everyday people from all walks of life. The loose-fitting “uniforms” represent the future that someday, hopefully, these children will be able to grow into.

Dozens of these images will continue to rotate, three at a time, on the website banner of Individual photos will be available for download for users to share and superimpose their own meaning onto each photograph.