Not bad spec ads for nightclubs

In light of my last posts on bad and good nightclub ads, here’s my volley. Here’s me putting my money where my mouth is (yum?). Here’s me walking the talk. &c.

It’s On Tonight

Aimed at the ladies, a couple spec ads on women getting their groove on, owning the dance floor.



Tag: Make room. It’s on tonight.


Imagine this at the club. Woman turns on her fitbit/apple watch butt scanner to check up on what her dance partner has packing.

check-up-on-it2 check-up-on-it1

Tagline: Check up on it. It’s on tonight.


Premature Elation 

Video. You’re going out tonight but you’re still at work playing solitaire. You put your headphones in to get in the right mindset, but you get carried away chair dancing.


Other accidents:

  • Knocking yourself out dutty wining in your bathroom
  • Fall down stairwell to “Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul (two steps forward, two steps back)



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