I’m a no-nonsense copywriter and social media consultant who has seen too many people get burned by social media “experts” and their bad advice. I’m giving you real and proven strategies from almost a decade of community outreach and writing experience – with a lot of successes and failures in between. You’re smart and I’m here to make sure it shows.

What You Need

You’re a small business owner, consultant or creative (musician, artist, designer, etc) that wants to attract leads to your website through social media. 

What I Do

I’ll work with you to create a content strategy for your website, blog, newsletter and social media channels that emphasizes your strengths, talents and voice. You won’t have to stress over what to say or how to say it – I’ll write it for you!

With a solid content strategy, your online presence will have a consistent style and message. It will help your followers get to know you which helps you build better relationships.

What is content strategy anyway? It’s planning out all the content you want on your online media channels from your About page, to live events, to everyday posts. It’s making sure everything is in the right place and helps your customers and clients understand you and your organization better.

But what’s a good strategy without good content? I’ll also help you with all assets – quick graphic design, photos, videos, and sharing content your followers will love.

What’s more – I can have a online presence assessment and recommendations to you in less than one week!

Services Detail

  • Online presence assessment and recommendations
  • Weekly and monthly content calendars
  • Copywriting for newsletters, webpages, blog, social media posts, etc.
  • Coverage of live events
  • Simple, clean graphic assets

Contact me now to schedule a session!

Don’t take my word for it:

“Aisha has an irresistible skill set. You name it, she can do it. She’s an excellent writer, graphic designer, digital artist and talented journalist. She is possessed with a confidence that is rare and as a result, she takes on new tasks with ease. In our work together, I have depended upon her and never been disappointed.”

Tracy Viselli, Co-founder and Chair, Nevada Interactive Media

Please view my portfolio for projects and campaigns that I’ve worked on.