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The dumb science behind nightclub ads, Part 1

We surveyed 100 scientists about what they hypothesize is the formula for a nightclub ad and nine out of 10 agreed: Boobs | Butt + No Faces = Hot Nightclub Ad So, I didn’t survey any scientists. I just picked up a local weekly rag and flipped to the back pages. My cursory analysis concluded […]

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Sexual harassment buddy system

You don’t have to be alone when you report sexual harassment. Find a buddy to help you through it.

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Where Britney Spears schools us on lyric writing

I’m a sucker for a theme and Britney Spears knows how to pick songs with solid, unique themes. That’s what makes her music so addictive. It’s filled with cliches, idioms, and wordplay that you can’t help but sing along to.

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Where Madonna falls

I am late to the game, again. It might be a symptom of my age that I get around to commenting on things too late. Another blog post could be on how the internet has made it impossible to stop, ruminate and listen. Even that reference is an old one. Madonna fell off a stage but didn’t […]

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Where I talk about being ugly…

Jennifer Tress’s ex-husband told her she wasn’t pretty enough for him so she started a blog, like you do when your core is rocked, and now wrote a book about her experience of not being pretty enough. Sure, she’s pretty enough now but back then, she wasn’t pretty enough for this one guy. I don’t want […]

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How to be Jessica Fletcher

Today I started a new blog – How to be JB. I’ve been going through the entire 12 seasons of Murder She Wrote on Netflix because I remember enjoying the show as a child but don’t quite recall all the plot points. Boy am I glad I did! There is so mu…

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Just create something everyday

Easier said. Today I edited my blog’s theme and wrote this post. Check.

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