Back to Basics: 3 elements of good social media

The Back to Basics series is about what makes good online content for all platforms. This post’s topic is on the three elements that make good social media. There are hucksters out there that will try to get you to buy their secret formula to cracking Facesmash’s algorithm. It’s my experience that no amount of jury-rigging will get followers interested in you.

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Contests are a bad idea

The mystery of why contests fail in one post.

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Don’t let social media experts make you look dumb

You’re smart but social media experts keep asking you to be dumb. Sign up to my newsletter and get this brief guide to how to avoid looking dim and shine on social media.

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Sexual harassment buddy system

You don’t have to be alone when you report sexual harassment. Find a buddy to help you through it.

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Too many Superman punch

This is a tangent. In the last ten years, the Superman punch has become the go-to punching style in action movies. Probably because of the popularity of Muay Thai and MMA. That’s just speculation though. But that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the effectiveness of the “cobra punch.” […]

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Flo money, no problems

Meeting actors and musicians is a novelty. At least to K-12 students in Las Vegas. They see us on their small and big screens, but finding one in the wild who’s willing to get real with them is rare. That’s how I’ve been volunteering my time lately with the Shakespeare Institute as I wrote about […]

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Stage fright

I have stage fright. Or, I suffer from stage fright. Whatever essential or existential way you put it, thinking about singing in public and singing in public (especially auditions) turns me inside out. Sweat pours out of naturally dry palms; the shaking and groaning of my innards rings in my ears; the fear of missing that one […]

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“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” I get to derisively speechify one of Shakespeare’s most well known monologues on stage for a year in front of hundreds of Las Vegas students. As an ensemble member of the Shakespeare Institute of Nevada, I overact and go big in a […]

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Ew, No, Instagram.

File this under: Brands Ruin Everything. Sure, other people can ruin things but brands especially ruin things. Instagram now has sponsored posts which apparently means brands get to share their ugliest photos in your stream. Your carefully curated stream of artists, celebs with a good eye, celebs with nice abs, and friends who know how to take a good photo.

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Where Britney Spears schools us on lyric writing

I’m a sucker for a theme and Britney Spears knows how to pick songs with solid, unique themes. That’s what makes her music so addictive. It’s filled with cliches, idioms, and wordplay that you can’t help but sing along to.

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