Ad Review: Benefit, “Skip Class, Not Concealer.”

This ad has been burning up the Facebook makeup groups this, plus another that’s pretty rape-y. Not to diss my advertising sisters, but those who claim this is cool aren’t doing the math. 

Let’s hammer home the point of an ad: EXPLAIN PRODCUT BENEFITS AND FEATURES.

What does a concealer do? It masks blemishes so your face skin has an even texture all over. 

What’s the benefit of having even face skin texture? Your face looks nice and more attention is diverted to face things you want like your tight-lined eyelids or shimmery pout. 

Let’s see how this ad adds up to the above. 

Ok, a co-ed with books under her pillow and an old-timey alarm clock in her hand wakes up with terrible knotted hair. It’s so on-the-nose I’m bleeding, but let’s keep going.  I don’t know what time her class is and the hands are weird on the clock, however it looks to be 7:30. Doesn’t seem like a terrible time to be up unless she’s an astronomy student and her class was at midnight. It looks more like she doesn’t want to be up this early. We’ll go with that. 

Alright, she’s up super early, she wants to go back to bed. So she’s going to go sleep and skip class in order to ensure she can put on concealer. 

How about if she’s going to be late? It’s going to take too long to put on concealer so she skips class instead. That would mean concealer takes a substantial amount of time to use. It’s not wine, why would Benefit consider that a feature? 

Or she prioritizes even face skin over her $800 a credit class. Seems like she needs remedial math and logic courses to correct that error in judgement. Are Benefit costumers dumb? 

The conclusion is IF you use Benefit concealer, THEN you’ll waste your money and education. 

Got it. 


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