A little advice on how to use a podium

I was privileged enough to attend an OgilvyConnect training for nonprofits on storytelling and public speaking last week.

One thing I really liked was the advice our trainer, Bess Bezirgan, gave on standing behind a podium if you’re short. She recommended talking with the organizers as much as possible before the event to make adjustments – a lav mic so you can move around or even a step stool to stand on.

She did not tell us ladies to wear heels.

Basically – don’t change yourself, change the room. It was subtle advice and perhaps unintentional, but I appreciated it.

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me dans la vie veritable that I’m at best, ambivalent, about heels. At worst, will go on an anti-patriarchy tirade. I may have gone off on a rant about men not having to wear heels, being comfortable when presenting, heels give you back problems…I’m sure you know the arguments.

But Bess didn’t. So, thank you.


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