Ad Review: The Fairy Exposition Mother

When I notice a trend that means the original creative idea has been beaten to a pulpy death. Today’s trend is the Fairy Exposition Mother.

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#FlashbackFriday: Grad School Essay

This essay was in response to Brian Turner’s chapbook, Here, Bullet. I encourage everyone to go over their own writing and resist the urge to edit. Enjoy. ## Aisha O’Brien ENG 705 Dr. Gailmarie Pahmeier March 25, 2009 Response: Here, Bullet by Brian Turner War is ugly. War is pain. War covers you in dirt and ancient […]

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Pitch Anxiety [5.9.16]

As an Artist and Creative, my days are spent spinning in my office chair coaxing the muses, Euterpe and Thalia, to gift me with their wisdom. When they are on holiday, I tend to fall down a labyrinth of YouTube rabbit holes. Searching and searching, until I find it. The spark of an idea. I envision selling […]

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The useless hashtag: #italianslove

As I was flipping through the pages of the latest Elle magazine, I spied with my critical eye a hashtag on the latest Dolce&Gabbana campaign ad. It’s a good, visual campaign – evoking family, community, the lusciousness of D&G’s fabrics and prints in an equally effusive crowded Italian street. Who wouldn’t want to be there? Apparently, […]

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Not bad spec ads for nightclubs

In light of my last posts on bad and good nightclub ads, here’s my volley. Here’s me putting my money where my mouth is (yum?). Here’s me walking the talk. &c.

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The dumb science of nightclub ads, Part 2

Last we wrote, I chastised the nightclub scene for their formulaic, boring advertisements. This round, we’re taking a page from the gays because their nightclubs apparently pay attention to good copywriting and design. The features and benefits of a gay club and a straight club are virtually the same at their base: all consuming music, […]

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The dumb science behind nightclub ads, Part 1

We surveyed 100 scientists about what they hypothesize is the formula for a nightclub ad and nine out of 10 agreed: Boobs | Butt + No Faces = Hot Nightclub Ad So, I didn’t survey any scientists. I just picked up a local weekly rag and flipped to the back pages. My cursory analysis concluded […]

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Back to Basics: Blogging

Many clients and colleagues have felt a rush of anxiety when I asked them to blog for their business or nonprofit. Maybe harsh memories of high school and college essays past haunt them. Maybe they freeze and forget all their expertise. Whatever the cause, it seems to bring about more hesitation than inspiration. So in this Back to Basics post, I’ll give you the simple ingredients to writing a good blog post and the right practice to get good at it.

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Back to Basics: 3 elements of good social media

The Back to Basics series is about what makes good online content for all platforms. This post’s topic is on the three elements that make good social media. There are hucksters out there that will try to get you to buy their secret formula to cracking Facesmash’s algorithm. It’s my experience that no amount of jury-rigging will get followers interested in you.

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Contests are a bad idea

The mystery of why contests fail in one post.

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